Play scheme kids have fun with nature

Dave Ramsey from Opening Doors Project teaches youngsters the art of planting flowers.

THE latest play scheme has been another action packed success this time involving getting closer to nature with some green fingered fun. 

 Though rain earlier in the week had caused the scheme to be moved indoors, it failed to put a dampener on the four day event as children enjoyed a range of activities and games.

 Among them was a team challenge to design and make models out of cardboard, planting flowers in the garden of St Nathanael’s Church and karaoke.  

 On the last day, held outside, there was a bouncy castle, face painting and games. 

 To help keep them energised during the week, the children were well fed with a variety of tasty foods. 

  Kate Moxon, from Orrell Park, whose two children Luke, 8, and Molly, 5, took part in the play scheme, said: “They have done all kinds of things. They have made T-shirts, they have been painting and decorating mugs, planting flowers, and a bit of karaoke. 

 “They have also been trying lots of different foods. They have eaten really well for lunch, eating things that they do not normally eat.

 “The children have really enjoyed it. Each day they have said, ‘Can we come again tomorrow?’ Molly loves Gayle [project coordinator] and follows her around all the time.”

Kate Moxon with Luke and Molly.

  Saying that Luke and Molly have been to previous play schemes held by the Opening Doors Project and also attend the charity’s Kidz Club on a Friday, Kate added: “It’s brilliant. It’s just what the community needs.”

  Luke said his favourite activities were planting in the church garden and the food – especially the chicken and bacon pasta! Molly, however, especially enjoyed taking part in the karaoke.

 Mum Lauren McCulloch, from Walton, says she has taken her six-year-old son Joseph to a few of the play schemes. 

 “They are great,” she said, “It keeps the kids entertained for ages. There is nothing else for them to do  in the holiday times.”

 Joseph particularly likes the crafts, Lauren said. “He loves all things creative.”

  Assisting with the planting activity at the church was Rev Jean Flood of St Nathanael’s Church.

  Following the planting event, Gayle Connor-McCreith, project coordinator at the Opening Doors Project, said: “A very big thank you to MPAC, LCVS, HAF  and St Nathanael”s Church, for the equipment and flowers and shrubs, to start our growing project with the kids from the play scheme. 

 “The children worked with Rev Jean Flood, planting the two beds on the grounds of the church, the weather was beautiful and they all had so much fun.”

Lauren McCulloch and Joseph.
Rev Jean Flood helps teach youngsters about planting flowers.

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