Range of skills and activities on offer for adults at new arts and crafts class

Hannah Burns (left) and Lily MacInnes with her decorated glass jar.

A new arts and crafts class set up to give adults an opportunity to express their  creative side is proving quite a draw.

The class, which has already attracted a sizeable group of local residents, meets every Tuesday, 11am to 2pm, and is led by teacher Hannah Burns. Hannah previously ran her own arts and crafts business called Unique Pieces.

Each week participants will be given the chance to make something different. 

For the first class Hannah taught the group how to make a family tree out of wood and canvas. While a week later, visitors created small gift boxes and painted glass jars and bottles.

For upcoming classes, Hannah said she is planning to introduce jewellery making and pebble painting. Some of the group are members of St Nathanael’s Church, where the classes are held, so she will show how the pebbles will bring some extra colour and character to the church garden.

The arts and crafts teacher said: “We plan to do a range of skills and activities, and to see what people like doing most. We believe it is important to learn a new hobby and skills.

“Also, after the pandemic it’s good to get everyone out and about, and meeting up again.

“It is good for people to make new friends and learn new skills.  It is a nice session.”

Putting their paint brushes and craft tools down for a break midway through the activity, creative energies are replenished with a tasty two-course lunch and refreshments.

Jackie Jones, who lives in Walton, visited the group for the second week after her daughter spotted a notice for it on Facebook.

“I came on my own,” she said, “I did not know anybody but I was made to feel welcome. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. and met some lovely people.”

During the activity, Jackie decorated a glass jar. She added modestly: “I am not much cop but I have enjoyed it!”

Another local resident who has been taking part is Lily MacInnes. She said: “I think it’s very good. I think it’s helping people in the community to come out and do what they want to. It is really really good.”

No previous knowledge or skill is required to join the class. “It is designed for everyone, and for every ability,” Hannah said, “You just need to turn up.

“You do not need any skills. I am here to help.”

Jackie Jones with her decorated glass jar.
From Left Lily MacInnes, Jackie Neville, and Dot Wadden.
Array of art and craft materials for the glass painting activity.

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