Online activities a lifesaver in lockdown

From left Janine Brogan, Mollie, Jeannette Dobson and Isabella.

THE Opening Doors Project’s online activites proved a lifesaver for a family during the pandemic lockdown.

Jeannette Dobson and her daughter Isabella from Orrell Park attended the Play Scheme in Stalmine Road gardens at the begining of June. The mum said she first learnt about the Opening Doors Project while searching the Internet for things to do when restrictions meant the family had to stay at home.

“We took part in the online science classes and making canvasses,” Jeanettte said, “The science  was good fun, being in the back garden exploding bottles of pop and stuff, and making rockets and balloons.

“We found lockdown difficult. The children have not been able to see their friends and have not been able to go to any clubs or go to school. So it was good to interact online with others.

“The arts and science classes were keeping their minds active and helping them cope with lockdown.

“It is really good what the Opening Doors Project has been doing.”

Also at the play scheme were Janine Brogan and daughter Mollie, who live in the Rice Lane area. They had taken part in Opening Doors Project events before lockdown but did not engage with its online events.

Mollie is no stranger to engaging with others over the Internet, however, as she has 1,600 followers on her TikTok account where she creates her own animation. The 10-year-old uses an app to create her own characters and storylines. She is also learning code and one day hopes to make her own editing app to help others create animation.

Her TikTok followers, who are mostly from England and the US, will often ask her when the next episode of her animation will be available, she said.

“I really love it,” Mollie said, “It is probably my favourite thing to do on my tablet.”


This blog story appeared in July  issue of Walton Herald. 

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