The feelgood project was started in our February play scheme.  Children wrote positive quotes and pictures on pebbles to be hashed around the community. 

Each pebble had #Rocky Rice Lane, underneath. Once the pebbles were seen by residents the idea was for them to re-hash them at a different location around the community and take a picture to post on the page.  We had a feelgood walk planned to plant the pebbles around the community, but Covid-19 came and put a sudden end to these plans. 

We decided to take the pebbles and cement into our local green space to make a feelgood snake. We thought that this would uplift the children as they are isolating. We did this each Sunday and posted a live video on Facebook to enable the children to see the progress. 

The snake is growing nicely and will continue to grow throughout 2021. This has uplifted all residents who use this green space. The local dog walkers and people who pass through have said that seeing the stones, makes them feel happy and uplifts them.  Picture of feel good stones from the page.